The Ten Club by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

“You want to see my power?” I snapped my arm away and stuck my middle finger in his face. “#$(* you, King. You and the 10 Club.” – The Ten Club, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

To my surprise I could hear a slight smile in his voice. “I haven’t been the same since you offered to undress me in my room.” I snorted. “You were injured. It was a mercy disrobing.” – Southern Spirits, Angie Fox

God of Wine by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Nice abs. He gave her a look, wondering what she might say. Maybe “come back later?” or “please don’t go, I need you?” He waited. She said nothing. “Well?” he asked. “You’re still a disgusting slob, but good luck. And don’t ever come here again.” What the h*@%? What was her problem? – God of Wine by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff