Lip Service by Simone Sowood

“We’d have to agree from the start. This is purely itch scratching. There isn’t even the hint of a relationship.” – Lip Service

So this was my first Simone Sowood read, and I bought it because a Goodreads buddy had reviewed/recommended it.  I was really pleased with the story, because the lead guy is rough around the edges and totally devoted to the single dad life.  Who doesn’t love a dad who is 100 percent there for his kid?  The female lead in the story is just as likeable, living it up in her new house she is paying for with her sex vlogging career.  Avery is bouncing back from a disappointing breakup, setting up in a new house and a new town.  When her super hot but salty neighbor’s daughter shows up on her doorstep asking for homework help, she is a little unsure how to continue.  Once Knox decides that he might be able to slide the tempting Avery into his busy schedule without any disruptions, things start to get really interesting.  As for the sex vlogging…he might be able to revise her opinions on a thing…or three.  This was a super steamy, slightly dirty, crazy funny read.  There were a few linguistic points that gave me pause.  I wondered whether the author was writing for American or British audiences, because her verbiage seemed to switch between the two – such as mum versus mom…and “going over to hers.”  When I looked the author up, her bio said she was Canadian but had moved to the United Kingdom which totally makes sense.  I will say, however, that if a thing is gagging for something, that thing should be something capable of gagging in the first place (no spoilers).  With all this said, the book is currently offered for the low, low price of $0.99 on Amazon Kindle.  That is an absolute steal, people.  Get your read on.



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