Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

To my surprise I could hear a slight smile in his voice.  “I haven’t been the same since you offered to undress me in my room.”  I snorted.  “You were injured.  It was a mercy disrobing.” – Southern Spirits, Angie Fox

**soft copy received through  NetGalley, hard copy received at the Romantic Times Book Convention**

I do love a good book staged in the southern U.S. if it gives the people and area justice.  Angie Fox certainly knows her southern mannerisms and people, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Southern Spirits.  This was actually the first book in her Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries series, and I will definitely be following up on the rest of the series.  I loved the heroine because she is gutsy and quirky, definitely not a wilting flower, and I am super excited about where her story is going.  There was no hanky-panky in this book, but there were light romantic exchanges between the main female lead and an unlikely guy.  I would recommend this for any reader of an age mature enough to appreciate some romantic threads, a few physically violent scenes (and/or talking dead people, complete with evidence of their gruesome death), and low down dirty cheaters.  No part of the book was overwhelming or underwhelming (everything seemed just right!), the action kept me turning the pages, and overall the story was delightful.


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