Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

The Winston Brothers Series

If you are looking for a fun, steamy new contemporary romance series to get into, then look no further.  I have read a few of Penny Reid’s Knitting in the City series books, and thought they were funny and engaging romantic reads.  Her Winston Brothers series, focused on six bearded brothers in rural Tennessee, is an absolute win for me.  I know that the beard revolution that society is experiencing might not be necessarily welcomed by all, but you will be hard pressed to find fault with the male leads in these stories.  In this case, bearded is better.  Strong, smart males and equally solid females leave very little wanting as far as character development and evolution.  As far as worldbuilding, I love a rural setting, and if you have been to the mountains in Tennessee then you know how awesome it is.  If you have not been yet, then definitely drop Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge onto your bucket list.  The next two books, Grin & Beard It and Beard Science, were just as epic as the first book, and I cannot wait for the next story!

Truth or Beard – Book One

I watched him take a deep breath, his gaze moving over my features – still warm with affection – and he said in a near whisper,” My momma once told me, you don’t need to be pushed in order to fall.  I don’t think you’ll need to do much pushing, Jessica.” – Truth or Beard, Penny Reid

In Truth or Beard, Jessica James is back to teach in her home town, just to pave the way for her dream of traveling the world.  Finding out that her childhood and adolescent crush still elicits the same painfully awkward reactions is a little bit of a letdown, but she is more than willing to give in to fate when opportunity presents itself.  When Jess mistakes moody identical twin Duane for his sunny and charming brother, something unexpected happens, and it is too big for either of them to ignore.  Twist after twist in this read kept me turning page after page.  The tension and unexpected complications woven throughout the story were easy to relate to and made for a great read that was hard to put down, even for sleep.  The theme music that the characters assign to specific moments is pretty funny, and the quotes at the beginning of each chapter are great lead-ins.  This was definitely a five star read, and I burned through the next two books in record time.


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