Dark Fancy by Sabrina York

This July 2016 release by Sabrina York is historical romance meets light bondage play.  When a young girl runs away from her guardian to avoid marrying a disgusting older man, she finds refuge at a nearby estate.  Once Helena is discovered by a man on the estate, they strike up an acquaintance and she requests that he ruin her so that she may avoid marriage…or so that she will have the experience of pleasure at least once in her life prior to being given to her intended.  The young man, James, is also set to be married.  He is prepared to have one last escapade prior to taking on his duties, though, but he ends up falling for Helena.

I received an advance reader copy of this title through NetGalley.  The story is amusing, but I did not find the depth of character I wanted in these two.  A lot of the story is centered around the two of them having sex, which is fine but I need more of the characters or the story to accompany the steam.  At 160 pages and a novella in length, there are going to be some sacrifices.  A lot of authors can pull the novella off quite well, and Sabrina York is definitely an epic name in romance – I have enjoyed quite a lot of her works.  Dark Fancy was unfortunately not a favorite for me, and this is a prime reason I am a little more selective in my novella and anthology reading.

Ruckasaurus Rex

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