Blood Red Kiss Anthology

“If I belonged to every man who wanted it so – or to every vampire I’ve blooded – there’d be nothing left of me.” – The Warlord Wants Forever, Kresley Cole

Nothing says Happy Halloween like some paranormal goodness, and Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, and Gena Showalter deliver.  This was an absolutely outstanding read from cover to cover, and I was lucky enough to receive an advance reader copy via NetGalley.  Delightfully included within this story is the back-and-forth between the authors as they created this lovely collection.  Three great paranormal romance series are represented here, and fans of that genre will not be disappointed.

Blood Red Kiss is an amazing read, and it couldn’t be out at a better time.  The authors on this anthology are all epic writers with lengthy resumes in their field.  The first story in this collection is Kresley Cole’s “The Warlord Wants Forever,” number one in her Immortals After Dark series.  It is a fast-paced read, by turns violent and humorous, and she also manages to dig into the characters to draw emotions from the reader.  You will root for both Valkyrie and vampires over the course of much too short story.  If you have not read the story or checked out the series, this is an amazing chance to sample some outstanding authors in their element.

The second story in Blood Red Kiss is a Moonbound Clan short story by Larissa Ione titled “Forsaken by Night.”  I have not jumped into this author’s Moonbound Clan series yet, but this was a delightful read and it made me want to dig deeper into overall series.  Expect something shifty, vampires that operate within a clan system, a bit of brutality, and a vampire mythos that is super interesting.  While mankind is painted as pretty terrible in this work, it was definitely a unique read.

The final story in Blood Red Kiss is Gena Showalter’s “Dark Swan” from her Otherworld Assassins series.  I love the series, and the author is such a great writer!  If you are even slightly into aliens, she has done some amazing worldbuilding for this series.  While “Dark Swan” stands alone just fine, its awesomeness is amplified with the series as a background.  Illegal and inhumane testing and a serial murderer brought Lily Swan and Alien Investigation and Removal agent Dallas Gutierrez together, and it looks like they are not separating any time soon.

Ruckasaurus Rex

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