Wild (Paranormal Romance Anthology)

A paranormal romance anthology – Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A.C. Arthur

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

I am not a huge anthology fan, but this one definitely works.  I am giving it an overall 4.0, but the stories definitely varied in detail and character depth.  I adore Eve Langlais’ wordbuilding, and her shifters are always a delight.  The first story, Catch a Tiger, was funny and steamy – something Langlais is well known for, thanks to her Furry United Coalition (FUC) series and many other well-crafted tales.  This one features a human bartender and a shifter accountant…wait, accountant?  That’s right, people, and numbers aren’t the only thing he’s crunching.

Kate Douglas’ Wild Passions is from her erotic paranormal romance series Wolf Games, set in a wolf-focused nature preserve/resort where the employees are all stunning, steamy, and single wolves looking for their forever ladies.  This tale is focused around a bachelorette party, with the ladies quickly becoming more interested in the scenery than the impending wedding.  It is definitely erotic, so expect super steamy scenes and the occasional ménage.  I like the world the author has built, and it is hard to dislike the male characters.  The females she tends to portray with varying degrees of strength and issues to overcome, but I think that also adds a little bit of realness to an unreal situation.

Her Perfect Mates was the last story in the anthology, but it definitely ended on a high note.  I have not read any of A.C. Arthur’s Wolf Mates series books, but this was a steamy ménage with an interesting origin story and even some divine interference.  I loved the heroine in this one, a veterinarian with a very healthy appetite, and her own issues to overcome.  In this tale both the heroine and hero have their obstacles, but they manage to get through them together.



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Now Available from A.C. Arthur


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