My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

The Improper Princesses series – Book One

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

“Your days of playacting are over,” he said.  “This isn’t Sicily, Gillian.  It’s England, and young ladies don’t go running about the countryside in disguise, trying to break up smuggling rings and recover stolen goods.” – My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

I definitely have a weakness for historical romances – they were my first introduction into the wonderful world of romance novels.  I think this was my first Vanessa Kelly read, and I definitely was not disappointed.  Let me first start by explaining what I look for in a heroine: someone who is strong, someone who is fairly intelligent, and someone who is capable.  I am willing to budge a little on each of those character quality requirements, but not all of them.  Kelly’s Gillian, the heroine of My Fair Princess, brings all that to the table in spades.  She is a stone cold killer, and also caring, but did I mention capable of killing?  Also she is a lady.  Okay, maybe that is a stretch, but she is a female.  This is a story of revenge, and love, and justice!

The hero in this novel, the hardcore Duke of Leverton is somehow saddled with taming the illegitimate Gillian enough to land her a good husband.  The more he has to deal with Gillian’s shenanigans and willful slaughter of her standing in society, the more rabid he becomes…but rabid for what?  The woman’s blatant disregard for her reputation and the opinions of society in general is enough to make him insane, but the careless way she risks her own life for nothing is inexcusable.  Charles is determined to take the female to task, before she is lost to them all.  Gillian’s fiery personality could be just what the Duke of Leverton’s icy demeanor needs.  The writing style, action, and historical facts were all delightful.  I definitely recommend this for fans of historical romance.

“I do not accept your refusal,” he thundered.  “And I do not accept your refusal of my refusal,” she shouted. – My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

You can pre-order this fine tale which releases on 30 August 2016 here on Amazon.

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