Wicked Pleasure (1-3) – Lora Leigh

A Novel in Three Parts

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

I got my hands on this steamy previously-published contemporary romance by Lora Leigh via NetGalley, and it was a little different from her paranormal romance Breed series which I am in love with.  First, this is contemporary, second it is ménage themed and deals with that subgenre of romance.  The overall story is very exciting, and the two handsome men in the male/male/female trio are identical twins.  It starts with very young characters and matures quickly, but I think that makes the entire tale even more delicious.  Leigh has infused all the characters with a great deal of depth and keeps the story moving at a steamy, exciting pace.  The dark and light turns of the character evolution twist this romance up and keep you turning the pages.  There is a lot happening in this story, and I enjoyed the read but was a little confused about it being split into three sections because each piece ranges between 100-130 pages.  The splits make sense, however, in that the breaks happen at good intervals and keep you moving forward for the rest of the story.

Part One

“His tongue stroked into her mouth, nudged against hers and in those seconds she learned more about a kiss than she learned in her entire life.” – Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh (part 1)

After the rough and emotional start the two lead characters have, and the misunderstanding that leads to a rift between them, Jaci and Cam part ways.  When they come back together, Jaci, Cam, and Cam’s twin brother Chase are all grown up.  While the story fairly leaps into heated carnality, the author leads with enough detail that it really works.  As a start for the set, this was a pleasing read in regards to both length, pace, and depth.  Release for this part is 2 August 2016.

Buy Link for Part 1: http://amzn.to/2aEUTCW

Part Two

“Doesn’t it ever get lonely?  Don’t you ever wish you were brave enough to cuddle your lover on your own?”  “Not until you.”  His voice echoed with despair.  “Not until you, Jaci.  And you have more of me than any other woman could ever have.” – Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh (part 2)

The excitement level in the story is picking up in the second part of Wicked Pleasure.  Jaci and Cam are explosive, and Chase is an amazing third that only accentuates the chemistry.  The author keeps the pace moving hard and fast throughout, and the interactions continue to escalate.  The sensual scenes are smoking hot and quite plentiful.  This part releases on 9 August 2016.

Buy Link for Part 2: http://amzn.to/2aGRHIk

Part Three

“Ian’s answers would only infuriate you.”  She rolled her eyes expressively.  “He is a man.  I have decided that male language and female language are not always compatible.” – Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh (part 3)

The final part of Leigh’s Wicked Pleasure seals the story up nicely.  All the conflict between characters and external pressures are dealt with, and the triangle of love finds its equilibrium.  The author managed to work some humor into the tale, which I can definitely appreciate despite the darker tones.  A lot happens in this last part, and I found the action (of all types) to be well done.  I almost feel like we waited too long in the end for Cam’s revelation and Jaci’s as well, but in the end we must have faith in the author.  It was a steamy, fun read.

Buy Link for Part 3: http://amzn.to/2aqbHg8

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