Nine Months to Redeem Him by Jennie Lucas

“It would be so easy to surrender.  Part of me wanted nothing more than to be bold – to be a rule breaker like he was.  What had following the rules ever done for me, except leave me brokenhearted and alone?” – Nine Months to Redeem Him

Publisher: Harlequin Presents

Received: RT Book Convention 2016

Length: 252 pages

Okay guys, it’s time for me to make a confession.  As awesome as the “something fresh and new” books are, I love me some tropes.  I do enjoy a good dystopian alien new adult uprising, but who can resist the secret baby or the billionaire playboy?  Not this chick!  Today’s guilty pleasure (I am actually feeling pretty darn good after finishing this) is Jennie Lucas’ Nine Months to Redeem Him.  It was on the table at the RT Booklover Convention in Vegas and as soon as I saw the cover I was dumbstruck.  My brain was like,” You better get that book and find out about that baby lump.”  And that was that, y’all.  This was kind of a delicious double (or maybe even triple!) trope as well, because the dude is a billionaire, and she isn’t exactly destitute, so there is kind of an aristocratic playground feel.  Did I mention she was a virgin?  Yeah, so this story is pretty much trope heaven.

Anyway, back to the story!  I found the lead male to be pushy and a giant jakehole.  It really works for him, but in a completely confusing “I am simultaneously repulsed and drawn” kind of way.  The heroine is no pushover, mind you, at least not when it comes to her clients.  Despite all the background movement going on in the reader’s peripherals during the story, the focus remains largely on Edward and Diana.  The growth that both characters go through despite and in some cases because of the drama in their lives is easy to appreciate.  Their attraction is intense and their passion explosive, and I am almost positive I was grinning like a loon at several different parts.

I was long overdue for a Harlequin read, and as I scan through the author’s published books…I am seeing a lot of themes I like!  The read and the author were big wins for me, and I recommend them if this is your kind of entertainment.


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