Trouble & The Wallflower by Kade Boehme

My Review

I picked up this 184 page gem from a publisher at Dreamspinner Press while attending the RT Booklover Convention in Vegas last month.  I am not really a primary consumer of contemporary romance, or male+male romance, but I am a fan of ROMANCE in general.  I really enjoyed the read.  If you are also a fan of romance and Happily Ever After endings, then I am certain this tale will charm you as well.

There were parts of the story that I felt lacked a little depth or detail, but it is a shorter novella and I rated it according to the length that the author had to work with.  I found the characters to be quite reflective of the young college student age range, and you can tell that the author is very comfortable with the Seattle setting so that also reinforced his credibility.  The lovemaking scenes were steamy and plentiful without being overwhelming or excessive, and there was definitely a careful and well-plotted lead into the sack.  I felt like this was a solid 4/5 read overall.

My Summary

Davy’s shy and withdrawn character in Trouble & The Wallflower was very easy for me to connect with – I mean I love people and socializing, but I had a really tough time in high school where I mostly just stood back and observed life.  I can definitely appreciate the difficulty in putting yourself out there and throwing your tender feelings on the line.  Adding in an agoraphobic mother and homeschooling minus the connection with other kids and adolescents just made the problem of meeting people almost impossible for this adorable guy.  Having a rough start to the relationship game made him less willing to take a chance on heartbreaker Gavin Walker despite the charmer’s relentless pursuit.

Gavin definitely has had his own share of painful life lessons prior to winding up in Seattle for college.  He has almost got playing the field down to an art when he comes across the quiet wallflower working in Bart’s Soda Shop.  He tells himself that his obsession with Davy is mainly the thrill of the “hard to get” hunt, but as things start to get complicated, he has to decide what he really wants.  Gavin has a reputation, and serious baggage…but so does Davy – the question is, will they be able to handle it together, or will they choose the easier route and stop before things get too deep?


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