Star Crossed by Emma Holly

“Guarding you is my job.  If you’re too concerned about my safety-or my competence-to let me do it, you’ve no business paying me”  Luke’s mouth twisted ruefully.  “Maybe I didn’t think that part through when I hired you.”  “Or when you seduced me.”  He didn’t seem to mind her dry humor.  His green eyes smoldered.  “That I’m not sorry for.” – Star Crossed by Emma Holly

**copy received from author/publisher**

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Independent

Series: The Billionaires, Book 4

Length: 289 pages

Cost: $4.99 (Amazon)

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

My Summary: The fourth book in Emma Holly’s Billionaires series was my first read of the series and it stands alone quite well.  A contemporary romance with plenty of action, the story focuses around a Billionaire model-turned-actor and a professional bodyguard with a linked childhood.  A.J. Hoyt is definitely not what society would term a “girly girl,” and she has the physique and cold blooded attitude to go with the reputation.  Luke Channing has had an amazingly successful career that just keeps getting bigger and better, but things have taken a turn for the slightly insane lately.  After meeting A.J. in L.A. where she more than proves her value, she is the first person he considers when he decides to get protection.  When Luke reaches out to the company she works for, A.J. instantly remembers the heat between them.  Despite the distractions, she is determined to keep Luke from getting mauled or worse by super fans…and resist the lure of his hot body and handsome face.  Luke is looking forward to his forced together time with A.J., until his diehard fans take a dislike to other ladies in his life.

My Review: This was a fast, heated read.  I absolutely love a strong female lead in a story, and A.J. is hardcore.  Luke is adorable playboy on the surface, but the author reveals the depth of both leading characters as the story progresses.  If you like contemporary romance with action, then this will be a fun read.  I love Emma Holly’s paranormal romance, and this tropetastic billionaire romance was another enjoyable read.

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