Romantic Times Booklover Convention 2016

rtbookloversconvention2016“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens

I am still deep in the thrall of the RT Booklover Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I wanted to pop by and give everyone an update.  The convention overall has been amazing and at the same time a little bit overwhelming.  I am taking notes and I will post a more comprehensive rundown of the event with greater detail once I get home and catch my breath.  My friend Susan is here as an aspiring author and we both attended the pre-convention writer’s bootcamp taught by Linnea Sinclair, Damon Suede, Stacy Kade, PJ Schnyder, Pip Ballantine, and Tee Morris.  Jane Lange from RT was also on hand to handle organization.  If you do not recognize the instructor names, let me assure you that they are fabulous authors with a wealth of knowledge that will help you write no matter your level.  The two day course was fabulous, and as for the convention…there’s something to be said for coming together with over 3,000 people who love the same thing you do enough to travel for miles and linger for a week.  Fist bumps all around to the book peeps.  More later.



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