Divine Ecstasy by Setta Jay


**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

In Setta Jay’s eighth Guardians of the Realms series book, she presents fans with a knockout couple: Hades and Sacha.  Sacha is a former slave and product of experiments conducted by the more horrifying Gods.  Hades was among the slumbering gods, awakened to help trap his monstrous brother-god Apollo during his reign.  The last thing he expected was finding a fated mate, much less one that had no use for mates or Gods.

If you were expecting Setta Jay to lose series steam by now, you will be pleasantly disappointed.  In Divine Ecstasy the author continues her quest to churn up the main storyline, after pairing up children with new and unusual mates she is bringing parents into the picture to find their fated matches.  The physically intimate scenes in this book were just as deliciously steamy as its predecessors, which for those unfamiliar with Setta Jay’s work is somewhere on a nuclear scale.  This book is slightly shorter than a full-length novel, hovering around 280 pages, but the author puts those pages to work very hard and keeps the action running throughout.

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