The Empire’s Fringe by Emma Gale

A Science Fiction Romance Anthology

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

“On a bed, Ms. Pilgram?” he teased.  “How pedestrian.”  “Shut up, Jack,” she said. – Jewel of Empire by Emma Gale

I do not often run across science fiction romance stories that are this entertaining, and I have not seen many short science fiction romance stories.  This anthology contains six stories, some shorter than others, that deal with everything from space pirates to exploration to even bio-terrorism.  Just judging from the quality of these brief products I know that the author would absolutely kill a book-length tale.  The plot and storylines are fun and steamy and the action is steady enough to keep the reader turning pages.  The compilation is currently being offered for 99 cents on Amazon USA or 99 pence on Amazon UK, and at 390 total pages it is a steal.

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