Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

Last night, he’d murmured in her ear,” Refuse me, then, but we both know it’s inevitable.  It has been since the first moment I saw you.  From the first moment I scented you…” – Sweet Ruin, Kresley Cole

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

Kresley Cole is an amazing author with a ton of fantastic series, and her Immortals After Dark series is absolutely fabulous.  She writes a wide range of paranormal creatures in an intensely detailed contemporary world, and you will fall in love with the characters.  Even the bad characters are hard to dislike, and in many cases I find myself torn between who exactly I am rooting for because she writes such powerful characters within these tales.  The characters are profane, gritty, and have delicious depth.  I know the cost is quite dear, but I really hope the story reaches fans of the series in the end because I felt it was totally worth it: funny, action-packed, and so interesting.

“You want me to flay you,” she told him.  “To contribute to my man quilt.  Come back Sunday.  That’s my sewing day.” – Sweet Ruin, Kresley Cole

In Sweet Ruin the author introduces the new heavy hitters on the scene in the Morior.  Rune Darklight, archer/assassin for the group is after a target when he runs into Jo, who appears immune to his charm.  Jo is interested in Rune, but she has her own problems such as finding out what exactly she is…and how to rescue her estranged brother from psychotic Valkyrie.  Rune is a known womanizer and Jo is rigidly monogamous, so the claws come out once things start heating up between the two unlikely lovers.  Nix the Ever-Knowing is back in the game in this story, too – and as crazy as ever.  As the Accession looms on the horizon, the main players are setting up their winning teams, but the Morior leader has decided Nix has to go.  It was hard to decide who exactly to root for in this Nix versus Rune/Jo battle, so I found myself rooting for both!  Rune is not a man who adapts to change, and Jo was serious about being his only love interest.  Is it possible for the couple to reach a compromise, or will he lose his fated mate?  Will Nix obliterate all the obstacles to her attaining goddess status?  Are there any imaginary hors d’oeuvres left?

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