View to a Kill by Lisa Hughey

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

View to a Kill is the first in Lisa Hughey’s The Nostradamus Prophecies series in the paranormal/romantic suspense genre.  I am not a huge romantic suspense reader, but the synopsis of the book hooked me and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley.  The story focuses on Nik Stanley, a troubled CIA covert operative and Marisol Johnson, the secret twin of Nik’s deceased best friend and former comrade.  Things went horribly awry on their last operation, and Nik has been troubled since they declared John’s actions a suicide, and Marisol is receiving posthumous messages from her brother that indicates there is more to the story.  The chemistry between Nik and Marisol is hot and wonderfully written, and the story with its paranormal twists and mental abilities is fascinating.

My main beef is that there seemed to be several stories intertwined with Nik and Marisol’s story, to the point that the two main characters seem to take a back seat.  So many additional side stories going on left certain questions unresolved, and while I understand as the first book this will set up the follow-on novels for this series, it seemed a little much.  The Nostradamus prophecy adds a welcome layer of interest, but the quatrains are quoted four total times within the book which seemed a little repetitive.  On a last note, I understand the secrecy required for classified operations, but Marisol chose to hide her connection to her brother and try to use Nik and the team instead of taking an honest approach from the start.  Despite several opportune occasions to come clean, she continued to uphold the façade, which came back to bite her in the end.  She seemed to be a little bit of a hindrance to the operation at certain points, and in my female leads I expect more usefulness and backbone.

While that seemed like a lot of negative, I did enjoy the story and find the series to be very promising.  The steamy goodness between the lead characters is off the charts and it is easy to root for team Nik/Mari.


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