The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michels

The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michels

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

“Their connection turned from needy to raving mad, and for the first time in her life she didn’t care if anyone who might see her thought her mad.” – The Infamous Heir

I really enjoyed this historical romance read.  I always appreciate a good historical romance with plausible themes, enriched characters, and depth of detail.  Elizabeth Michels delivers on all fronts with the first book in her Spare Heirs series, going so far as to include some historical facts on jet mining at the end of the book.  The hero in this tale is an unlikely brawler of a second son, the “spare.”  The heroine is a headstrong girl who has forced herself into a goal-oriented, proper, and collected young woman.  When the two unlikely characters come together, the reactions are more than entertaining.  I enjoyed the speed of the action in the book and read it through in one night.  The story was a welcome reprieve and just what I needed to recharge my love of reading historical romance.

“I’m a poor excuse for a gentleman, but even I know that isn’t the way of things.”  “Damn the way of things.  It’s never worked out well for me or any other lady of my acquaintance.” – The Infamous Heir

Hovering on the cusp of attaining the ideal future through marriage, Lady Roselyn Grey is distracted just before the announcement by the arrival of her future fiance’s brother and her childhood playmate.  Being around Ethan Moore again is making her question everything she had planned so carefully, and as she hovers on indecision disaster of the worst kind strikes.  Ethan is disowned second son surviving as a pugilist.  He only returned home to check in on his family and try to avoid some former acquaintances with less-than-health intentions toward his person.  Roselyn is everything he remembers, and of course his older brother is claiming her for himself…but is the lure merely that he cannot have her, or is it something more?  When Ethan unexpectedly takes on the role of Lord Ayton, he finds that being the heir is not all it is cracked up to be.  Will they survive long enough for justice and love, or will all the powers working against them prevail?

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3 thoughts on “The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michels

    1. reviewsbyruckie says:

      Sasha, this was my first romance genre! 😀 I keep coming back to it for a reboot every now and then. Eloisa James has a new one coming out too – her Ugly Duchess series is amaaaaaazing!

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