Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

“A gentleman would give me the bed.”

He scratched the stubble next to his scar.  “All the gentlemen are dead, baby.  Soldiers and survivors are what we have now.”

Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

Publisher: Zebra

Length: 384 pages

Cost: $5.84 Kindle – $7.99 Mass Market Paperback

Release: 26 January 2016

I first discovered the Scorpius Syndrome series when I read Scorpius Rising in the On the Hunt anthology (review here), and I thoroughly enjoy Rebecca Zanetti’s writing.  Her characters are fierce and have good depth, and the stories are detailed and action-packed.  This series is based on a post-apocalyptic survival situation that is somewhat Walking Dead-esque, but the author definitely layered so many additional details and curveballs that the similarity ends on the surface.  Fighting for resources, avoiding cannibalistic former humans and psychopaths, and dodging emotional attachments that could weaken survivability have become a way of life.

Lynne Harmony is on the run, fleeing murderers across miles of hostile territory with only her uncle as company, and finishing the remainder of the journey to her last hope alone.  Jax Mercury, leader of the Vanguard group clinging to the remnants of society and survival in Los Angeles, did not expect the hunted and valuable Blue Heart to fall right into his lap.  The former gang member turned military service member has several options available regarding Lynne’s fate, but he has place the fate of all the people depending on him over his own preferences.  Helping Lynne could help mankind, or it could spell the end for both of them and the Vanguard as opponents emerge to challenge them each time they make progress.

This book stands alone well, and the series is fantastic.  I cannot wait to see what happens with Raze and Vivienne, and I will definitely be catching up on stories that have I missed!


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