Sweep In Peace by Ilona Andrews

You are not meant to be at peace.  We, the human beings, are meant to live life to its fullest.  We are meant to experience it all-sadness, disappointment, rage, kindness, joy, love.  We are meant to test ourselves.  It is painful and frightening, but this is what it means to be alive.  You are hiding from life here.  This isn’t peace.  This is a slow, deliberate suicide.” – Sweep in Peace, Ilona Andrews

The second book in The Innkeeper Chronicles by husband and wife writing duo Ilona Andrews was just as tantalizing as the first book.  I am fascinated by the idea of a living, symbiotic magical building working on a system that reaches across alternate worlds.  The races and people that the authors created for this series are amazing in themselves.  While you find the usual range of paranormals such as werewolves and vampires, there are also small humanoid foxes and porcupine species.  The depth of rich detail woven into the Sweep In Peace is a testament in itself to the hard work and creative talent that is Ilona Andrews.

Dina DeMille is a struggling heritage Innkeeper just trying to keep her inn, Gertrude Hunt, alive and thriving…but she needs guests to make that happen.  When an official from the renowned Office of Arbitration appears on the inn’s doorstep asking her to host a peace summit, Dina can hardly turn down the money or potential benefits for the inn.  The problem is not with the summit itself, but the parties involved in the peace deliberations: The Hope-Crushing Horde of ortrokar, The Holy Cosmic Anocracy of vampires, and the Merchants of Baha-char.  All the parties involved want to come out as the victor in this diplomatic battle, but at least two of the groups are more accustomed to the battlefield and they have developed a deep dislike for one another.  The third party involved in the summit works more behind the scene, but they are not hopeful that an agreement is in the cards.  If the summit fails then the lifegiving rating for Gertrude Hunt could drop, people would continue to die in futile warfare, and just as things start looking especially dire…they get worse.

The second book could stand alone, but reading the first book Clean Sweep enriches the experience.  You can find my review of that book here.


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