Against the Wall – Jill Sorenson


**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

Publish Date: 2 February 2016

Contemporary New Adult

Pages: 291       Price: $3.99

Against the Wall is definitely not my usual type of romance novel.  This was my first Jill Sorenson read and the first new adult book I have read that features the realness of contemporary gang, crime, and prison/post-prison life.  Gloriously gory beatings, young love that matures to true love, partner violence, prejudice/stereotyping and other social and emotional events occur within Against the Wall.  The author writes gritty scenes and painfully real situations, inspiring the more base emotions regularly throughout the 291 page story.  The writing and language is incredibly relevant to the California border setting, the characters, and Sorenson captures the darkness of both man and woman in the hero and heroine.  It was refreshing to connect with characters that live in a lower socioeconomic status and face the cruel realities we sometimes confront in life and to see them find happiness.  I read this book in one four hour sitting and found it to be well worth the time and loss of sleep.

Eric Hernandez was just released from prison and is transitioning to the life of a reformed gang member and convicted felon.  While he hopes to move on with his life and leave the crime and violence behind him, there are parts of the past that he finds harder to abandon…and factors that refuse to let him go without paying the blood price.  Meghan Young thought she was ready to see Eric again after he ripped her heart out when he went away, but all it does is revitalize buried emotions.  She knows that he is capable of so much more than the life of a gangbanger and criminal, but the real trial will be convincing Eric and getting him to embrace what they could have together.  Stalkers, abusive boyfriends, and gang violence are all present in this book but the dark is tempered with the strength of family, connecting with the place you call home, and vibrantly combustible love.

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