Christian by D.B. Reynolds

“I am always in charge, Natalie.  Remember that in a few hours, when you’re screaming my name.” – Christian, D.B. Reynolds

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

Christian is book 10 in D.B. Reynolds’ Vampires in America series.  The story features a European hero, Christian, who is trying to separate himself from his decidedly unstable sire’s insane plans and strike out on his own to become Lord of the South.  He is the kind of handsome that smacks of bad decisions, and forensic accountant Natalie Gaudet really tries to remind herself of that fact when they meet in person.  A Louisiana girl, Natalie is working for the interim Lord of the South until the challenge champion takes on the role permanently.  Christian immediately takes an interest in the willful southern rose.  He decides to pursue Natalie despite the attempts on his life and juggling political minefields within the American vampire hierarchy…unfortunately, someone else has plans for Natalie as well.  With threats coming from all sides and a severely limited number of allies, things are starting to look bleak for the lovebirds.  Will they be able to survive what life throws at them to be together, or is it over before they even get started?

I was delighted with this book.  I stepped into this series on book 10 and was able to track it quite well.  This was written as a separate story with cameos from other characters in the series.  While I could tell that there was a backstory, it did not overly interfere with the primary tale.  The characters are interesting, and the females are definitely not wilting flowers, but strongly written which is a big plus for me.  The worldbuilding is interesting, because it kind of seems like Wild Wild West meets modern times in that the vampires are totally rumbling for control of geographic areas on epic scales…guns are in play, and they are not above shoot-outs in the middle of the city.  I will definitely be adding the first book in the series to my to-be-read list so I can start at the beginning.


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