Merciless by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

“She always found something about Roen so addictive.  From the first moment she heard that voice and saw that strong frame of his, she knew she wanted him.” – Merciless, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Merciless is the third and final book in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Mermen trilogy.  You can find reviews for Mermen (book one) and Mermadmen (book two) here as well. Fans of the author have been stalking her via social media, watching the progress of the series and absorbing every little piece of story they could get.  If you have yet to check out this author, she is offering the first book in the series for free as of December 2015.  Mimi has several amazing paranormal romance books to her name, and I absolutely love her King trilogy and Accidentally Yours series.  Her humor and unique style offer a different variety of paranormal romance.

The second book left off with Shane having abducted Liv, who was told that Roen died during the competition.  In the final book, Liv is taking the gloves off.  She has seriously had her life wrecked by murderous mermen without tails or scales and a psychotic magical island entity.  Where before she held back, our little heroine has now come to the realization that “balls to the wall” might be the only way to win this deadly game.  Facing off against the murderous island and equally murderous humans and paranormal creatures, Liv puts everything on the line to save the mermen and Roen…but will she be able to save herself?


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