Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

“A gentleman would give me the bed.” He scratched the stubble next to his scar. “All the gentlemen are dead, baby. Soldiers and survivors are what we have now.” – Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

Sweep In Peace by Ilona Andrews

“You are not meant to be at peace. We, the human beings, are meant to live life to its fullest. We are meant to experience it all-sadness, disappointment, rage, kindness, joy, love. We are meant to test ourselves. It is painful and frightening, but this is what it means to be alive. You are hiding from life here. This isn’t peace. This is a slow, deliberate suicide.” – Sweep in Peace, Ilona Andrews

Against the Wall – Jill Sorenson

Gloriously gory beatings, young love that matures to true love, partner violence, prejudice/stereotyping and other social and emotional events occur within Against the Wall. The author writes gritty scenes and painfully real situations, inspiring the more base emotions…