Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

Series: Maiden Lane – Book 9

Genre: Historical Romance

Setting: England, 1741

Length: 359 pages

Hoyt’s latest Maiden Lane book, Sweetest Scoundrel, is definitely a sweet read.  I enjoyed the characters and their depth and connected with the story.  Rough theater man Asa Makepeace does not stand a chance against the cool and aloof aristocrat Eve Dinwoody.  The battle of wills between these two creates a sensually tense environment, and they have the most exciting and interesting exchanges.  This story offers everything readers could ask for in a historical romance.

I especially appreciated Hoyt’s rendering of Eve as a victim of childhood trauma.  I felt that she really captured a lot of the psychological and emotional factors that lie within such an experience.  We have all read tragic hero and heroine tales before, but the transformation that we see within Eve over the course of the book is invigorating.  This story gave me what so many readers are looking for – an injection of hope and love.

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