Dark and Stormy Knight by Nina Mason

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

“He stole a glance at her around the seatback.  She was looking out the window at the moon, wearing a dreamy expression.  She looked so radiant and brave.  And so beautiful his chest hurt to look at her.” – Dark and Stormy Knight, Nina Mason

This second book in Mason’s The Knights of Avalon series is just as charming and steamy as Starry Knight, the first book.  This tale revolves around an aspiring screenwriter who is tracking down a romance author for film rights.  When Gwyn’s life is in danger, Leith swoops in to save her.  It doesn’t take her long to discover that the lord of the manner is actually the romance author she is seeking.

Leith tries to resist falling for Gwyn, relying on BDSM and other methods to indulge in play but not risk his heart.  When he finds it unable to resist, an age old curse rises to claim Gwyn’s life.  The battle carries them between worlds and before Gods.  The fight to save their lives and love brings them closer than ever, but will their love be enough to bring them through, or will they both lose everything?

This book was about a two-night read for me, and I found it to be entertaining and very sensual.  I would recommend this book for paranormal romance fans and fans of Nina Mason.  You can find my review for the first book here.

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