Pia Does Hollywood

**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**

“Whomever he had taken as lovers before in his very long life, now he was hers, entirely.” – Pia Does Hollywood

This was the first Pia/Dragos/Liam novella that I have read, and I am reading them out of order.  I was hesitant because I prefer a longer book with more detail.  I did love Dragos and Pia’s story, though, and it turns out I enjoy reading about them in novellas as well.  The love was just as fresh and potent, and the romance was just a smoking hot.  In this update, everyone is up to all their old shenanigans, including Aryal the Harpy.  It was a short read, but a fun one.

This novella follows the ongoing adventures of Dragos Cuelebre, a dragon Wyr and Lord of his people, his mate Pia, and their offspring.  Pia Does Hollywood is the second novella in a three-part series about the royal family.  In this 180 page tale, Pia is backing up promises made to visit other Elder Race political leaders, specifically Queen Tatiana of the Light Fae.  When the Light Fae contingent attempts to reschedule, Pia reinforces the timeline because she wants to get these trips done sooner rather than later.  Dragos travels to California after Pia on the sly, unwilling to allow too much separation from his mate.  When things start to go pear-shaped, Dragos manages to get himself entangled in some heavy old-school dangerous heat, and Pia is torn between revealing secrets and possibly losing Dragos.


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