Rock Me Two Times by Dawn Ryder

“His voice was rough velvet-smooth when it needed to be, but cutting when he sang out.  His soul was on display.  No one else knew it, but she did.  What he was pulling on that stage was his inner demon.  The one the rest of the world was too chicken to let be seen.  It was an awesome sight.” – Rock Me Two Times

Rock Me Two Times is the first book in Dawn Ryder’s Rock Band series.  I typically stay away from billionaire/actor/rock star type books, but another reviewer posted a blurb and I picked it up.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Although it is shorter at 288 pages, the author managed to pack detail and character personality between the pages.  The colorful descriptions of the feelings experienced throughout the book were delightful.

Syon is the lead singer in the hugely popular rock band Toxsin, and he has a role to play for the public and adoring fans.  Kate is a professional costumer who is working hard to make her business a success.  When she gets hit last-minute to do a fix for the popular band, she agrees despite a distaste for working with rockers.  When she meets Syon, the chemistry is undeniable, but he is still a rocker and she a businesswoman…not exactly a recipe for relationship success.  Will they fight for a relationship or take the easy route and part ways?

The book was definitely entertaining, and the interactions were super steamy.  The obstacles that this couple had to overcome were definitely unique to a story based on someone living a life of fame.  I think most contemporary romance readers who prefer action and emotive content will enjoy this book.  I liked the other members of the band just as much as the lead singer and I am looking forward to reading about the rest of Toxsin!


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