Double Trouble – Two Reviews for Paige Tyler

So a little while ago I scored an advance reader copy of Paige Tyler’s In the Company of Wolves, which is the third book in her SWAT series.  You can find my review here, but let me just go ahead and say it was awesome!  It was so awesome that I released the hounds, and by hounds I mean I hollered at my girls to give them a heads-up.  I also purchased the first two books in the SWAT series.  That’s right – it was so good that I certain the first two books would be solid gold, and I was not disappointed.  Below you will find a combined review for Hungry Like the Wolf and Wolf Trouble.


Hungry Like the Wolf

“He leaned down so his mouth was right near her ear. ‘I thought we might burn off all those calories from dinner.’” – Hungry Like the Wolf, Paige Tyler

The first book in Tyler’s SWAT series focuses on the Dallas SWAT team made of entirely of werewolves, specifically the team commander Gage Dixon and investigative journalist Mackenzie “Mac” Stone.  Mac wants to know what is up with SWAT’s stellar success rate, especially after hearing a wild report from an inmate.  The only problem is that they seem a little bit unwilling to meet her in the middle.  Gage realizes that Mac is not going to give up, and decides that he will maintain complete control of the situation and her, thus assuaging her curiosity.  The only problem now is keeping his curiosity at bay.

While Mac and Gage deal with their strong attraction, he tries to put her through the SWAT routine.  Between the team frowning on long-term attachments to Mac’s hidden agenda, the couple has quite a few challenges.  Just when things seem to calm down, a formidable enemy prepares to burn the fields and salt the earth.  Will the couple survive each other, the team, and a ruthless killer?

I disliked and liked Mac in turns, because she was definitely doing the guys wrong with her investigatory journalist line.  I also disliked some of the SWAT team members because they were not supportive of Gage’s budding romance.  In the end, though, the story was great.  I would recommend it to fans of shifter/paranormal romance set in modern time.


Wolf Trouble (SWAT series, book 2)

“Her boss was hot for her, and she was hot for him.  What the hell was she going to do about it?” – Wolf Trouble, Paige Tyler

Officer Khaki Blake is seriously questioning her place at the police department.  When the beefy SWAT commander from Dallas drops by to offer her a job, she leaps at the chance to drop her local town baggage and join the team.  Despite being invited so the team could avoid a discrimination law suit, Khaki takes to SWAT and the team quickly.  The only problem is her newly acquired werewolf status and the delicious team leader put in charge of her: Senior Corporal Xander Riggs.

Xander is pissed that Khaki ends up on his team despite his objections.  He cannot seem to keep his head on straight with her around.  Khaki is not doing much better.  When she asks Xander for help, he steps up…then he steps in.  Just as their forbidden romance starts heating up, a dangerous mission takes an unexpected turn, and the SWAT commander is ready to come down on both of them hard.  This couple seems fated for hardship, but will they be able to withstand the heat?

I loved this story!  I am a huge fan of strong female leads in romance, and I love to see girls kicking butt.  Khaki is my spirit animal.  This was another win for the author and series, and I would recommend it for fans of shifter romance, especially those set in more modern times.

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