Mate Marked by Georgette St. Clair

“So I go out looking for her and she’s getting busy with Rafe up against a Douglas fir tree.”  “Oh, a Douglas fir.  Well, that had to be the last straw,” Roman said, voice laden with scorn.  “I mean, a lodgepole pine would have been okay, but a Douglas fir?  Unacceptable.” – Mate Marked

Paranormal romance author Georgette St. Clair’s latest shifter delight, Mate Marked, is based in a new setting called Silver Peak.  The Shifters of Silver Peak series promises to be just as amusing and steamy as her previous work.  St. Clair has been known to write about big, beautiful women (BBW) and her heroines are always relatable, real, and curvaceous.  The male leads in these juicy stories are usually manly hunks with alpha male traits.  Mate Marked is definitely no exception.

Chelsea Wintergreen is at the end of her rope, and it looks like her last hope has pretty much fallen through.  The unexpected employment offer for the sheriff position in the tiny town at the end of her line is quite the boon.  She and her vengefully flatulent dog are just settling in when she realizes all is not well in the backwoods, and this job might not be such a sweet deal.  There is a criminal menace habitually stepping over the line, and she is expected to take care of it…and by “it” she means all of the big, hunky, dangerous rogue shifter alpha that is Roman Kincaid.

Roman has no interest in long-term relationships or law enforcement, but there is something about the spunky redhead that has taken over the vacant sheriff role.  When crime suddenly kicks up in the area, people look to Roman and his band of misfits as the cause.  While he is all too happy to have Chelsea “investigate,” he finds himself suddenly rethinking his transient lifestyle.  Maybe settling down might not be such a bad idea…but will it be too late to get Chelsea back?


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