Hanover House by Brenda Novak

**ARC received via NetGalley**

At a little over 200 pages, this prequel for Brenda Novak’s new series is pretty awesome.  I am not a huge reader of the romantic suspense/thriller genre, but this feels like a series I can get behind.  The main character and romantic interest are both easy to connect with, and the foil characters along with so many other details build an interesting world.  Exciting things are going to happen for psychiatrist and survivor Evelyn Talbot and the young, studly Alaskan State Trooper, Sgt Amarok.

Sgt Amarok and Dr. Talbot start off on opposite ends of a fight to establish a facility to house the most dangerous psychopaths in Amarok’s rural Alaskan town.  When Amarok realizes he is fighting a losing battle, he must satisfy himself with keeping the peace and protecting all citizens in Hilltop, Alaska…including Dr. Talbot.  Circumstances bring the two together, but Evelyn’s traumatic encounter with a psychopathic highschool boyfriend has rendered her incapable of offering much to Amarok.  Things start to heat up between the two just as old threats come leaping into the present, and no one is safe.  My only regret in this story is that it ended before we could get some relief for the slow burn going between Amarok and Evelyn.  Also, we still have a killer on the loose and many more active in the story.  I am psyched to find out where the author takes this series!

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