Taming Her Wolf by Eve Langlais

Another treat from Eve Langlais!  I really love her Welcome to Hell and Furry United Coalition series books, and Taming Her Wolf is another fun read.  This tale is a standalone, and at an estimated 125 or so pages, it was a quick read.  If you are into humorous paranormal romance, this is a read worth checking out.

Gareth the wolf shifter runs into some trouble after binge-drinking his feelings when his girl friend gives him the boot.  Things go from bad to worse when he gets rolled up by some blood-sucking fiends to be used as a glorified Slurpee.  He meets cold-blooded vampiress Helen well into his imprisonment, and has every intention of ripping her old heart out on his freedom run.  The unthinkable (and unexpected) happens when Helen ends up handing him her heart, and he starts thinking that maybe being owned may not be such a raw deal after all.

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