Bayou Heat Series – Michel & Striker by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright

The steamy Bayou Heat series features stories by authors Alexandra Ivy (Guardians of Eternity series) and Laura Wright (The Cavanaugh Brothers).  I love the Pantera world and the storyline, and fans will enjoy the writing style.  These stories are shorter (around 130 pages), with two tales in each book, so expect faster but good quality reads.  While the authors are still burning up the pages on stories 15 and 16, it makes me wonder if they will every lose steam?  Let’s hope not!

Michel by Alexandra Ivy

“Her parted lips were a temptation that not even a saint could ignore.  And Michel was no saint.” – Michel, Alexandra Ivy

The first story in this eighth book in the series is about Michel, Pantera spy and Dr. Chelsea Young, former evil experimenter for the enemy.  It is a classic tale of two people on opposite sides seeing past their misconceptions to find a connection.  The author throws some serious emotions and heat into the mix while churning up the obstacles.  I enjoyed the read, but would love a full-length book!

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Striker by Laura Wright

“She stirs then, and I sit up.  I refuse to rest.  I won’t sleep or eat until she’s awake – until her mind is awake.  Even if it means I end up mad.  Madness with her could be beautiful.  I’d be happy in her world.  I already am…” – Striker, Laura Wright

The second story in the book is wickedly twisted.  Here we find a tortured female lead and a broken male lead who are forced together by circumstance.  Striker and Twelve take turns pushing each other away, but when they come together it is explosive!  The main question we have at the end of the book is…will they stay together, or was this just a heated encounter for a common goal?

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