Bound in Darkness by Jacquelyn Frank

“They couldn’t afford another close call like this.  He couldn’t afford it.  Because he knew one thing and one thing clearly.  He would not die without having known her.  His quest could wait.  He would put it aside for a short time just to have the time to be with her.” – Bound in Darkness

**advance reader copy received through NetGalley*

This final volume in Frank’s Immortal Brothers series was a strong finish for an entertaining storyline.  The final brother, Maxum, was punished for his hubris by being crushed in the earth.  After years of punishment, his brothers manage to secure some freedom for him, but he is unable to let go of his deep feelings of hatred for his jailer.  On a mad quest to take out the god Sabo, Maxum does not have time for any distractions that go beyond passing entertainment.  He definitely does not have time for a vixen thief.

Airianne just needed to score enough to keep her and her horse fed and safe through the winter.  Little did she know that her mark came with a bit more bite and wile than the usual victim.  After he tracks her down, Airi scrambles to work out an agreement that will keep her alive and help her gain the riches she needs to give up her life of crime.  Just a bit of work and an amazing payoff, then she is done…with crime and danger and with Maxum.  The only problem is that Maxum is definitely interested in becoming more than business partners, and she is not sure if she can keep her emotions in check…can he?

Bound in Darkness has adventure, highly dislike-able villains, and imperfect heroes.  The action is pleasant, the sensual build is heated, and the romantic scenes are smoking!

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