Spotting His Leopard by Georgette St. Clair

“For the sake of blending in, you should probably kiss me immediately,” she murmured into his ear.  “Oh, the things I do for you.  Any other requests?”  She could hear the smirk in his voice.  She pretended to consider for a moment. “Yes. There should be plenty of tongue. And you should get handsy.” He let out an exaggerate sigh.  “Well, if you insist.”

Spotting His Leopard was yet another delightful Shifters, Inc. series story by paranormal romance author Georgette St. Clair.  This 185 page story is fast-paced and full of humor.  The setting drifts away from the typical Shifters, Inc. group and drops wolf shifter Tyler Witlocke on an island for a solo vacation at a definite couples destination.  The first thing he notices about fellow single Gwenneth was the woman herself.  The second thing he notices about the alluring cat shifter is that she is definitely casing the museum.  Why can’t he seem to catch a break?

Throw in evil witch doctors, island magic, murderous criminals and a mob of criminal street urchins, and we are talking action!  Fans of St. Clair’s style of writing will be pleased with the fast read, and the characters are delightful.  While the story itself is exciting, it sets you up for what might be coming up next in the series!  Who is this Shadow Lord, and will we be seeing him and his killer posse again?

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