Bound by Sin – Jacquelyn Frank

“How funny humans are, that love is a sin.” – Bound by Sin

**advance reader copy received through NetGalley**

Bound by Sin is the third book in Frank’s Immortal Brothers series, a series based on four brothers who stole immortality from the gods and are forced to take on immortal punishment as penance.  This book focuses on the story of Jaykun, whose punishment was being chained to a star and burning eternally.  Released to wage war and accrue followers for a goddess, Jaykun must continue to pay for his transgression each night.  Suddenly a beautiful woman appears to lure Jaykun from his brothers and duties, but is she a threat or the promise of salvation?  Jileana is definitely something special, and despite her blinding innocence she manages to prove herself several times over.  In his worry over sucking her into his world of death and pain, Jaykun is sucked into Jileana’s strange life instead.  Will Jaykun anger the goddess he serves and be condemned once more?  Will Jileana manage to free herself from a life of abuse and torment?  Once the dust clears, will the lovers find themselves serving opposing gods, or worse…will they pay with their lives?

“Rewards?” He scoffed.  He couldn’t help himself. “Love brings no rewards.  It is an illusory thing poets and bards made up to lure coin from a listener’s pocket.” – Bound by Sin

I think that fans of Jacquelyn Frank will enjoy the series, and as I jumped into the series with book three I can say it stands alone just fine.  I really enjoy the writing style of this author, especially her Nightwalkers series.  With integration of a pantheon of gods and goddesses, you might see similarities to other paranormal series available, but the author ensures her worldbuilding is quite unique.  While I enjoyed the character of the male lead, I found his tendency to anger quickly with his brothers and yet allow certain insults in other areas a little off.  I can tolerate some level of innocence in a female lead, but I found Jileana to be a little bit too innocent and a soft target for aggression.  The story focuses on the couple initially, and then seems to disperse once the scene changes, focusing on a single character or interactions with characters other than the love interest.  I will certainly be looking into the final book in this series to see how things wrap up with the last brother.

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