Rogue of the High Seas by Cynthia Breeding

“Will ye close your eyes?” Robert grinned.  “I would much rather look at you.”  Then he sobered. “I will close my eyes if you want me to.  You decide.” – Rogue of the High Seas

**advance reader copy received through NetGalley**

Cynthia Breeding writes across several genres, but Rogue of the High Seas definitely falls under the historical romance category.  With a sexy tartan-garbed dude on the cover, this 264 page story turned out to be an entertaining read.  I enjoyed the style of this author and appreciated the historical references and cultural details she revealed over the course of the book.  I have only previously read her Lochs and Lasses book (a collection of stories), and despite jumping into this series on the fifth book it stood alone quite well.  Readers will not need to back-read the first four books to enjoy this one, but if you want to know more about the couples who play cameo roles then check out the rest of the Rogues series.

Shauna MacLeod is a strong Scottish girl who helps out with the family shipping business, which brings her into contact with a new family acquaintance…ship captain Robert Henderson.  Robert is an American who is trying to deal with his own set of problems when Shauna enters his life.  The attraction between the two of them is undeniable, but there are several factors holding them both back.  Shauna has a legion of large male family members who are simultaneously encouraging a beneficial union with another man while trying to keep Robert out of the romantic pool.  Robert is trying to come to terms with some poor decisions and do the right thing, and despite needing to repair his ship and leave for home he cannot seem to stay away from Shauna.  A family enemy reappears to strike out in the worst way possible, and everyone must unite to save Shauna…if she does not save herself first.  Annoying suitors, dastardly villains, and pirates…what more could you ask for in a historical romance?

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