Tall, Dark and Immortal by Cat Devon

**advance reader copy received through NetGalley**

I jumped into Cat Devon’s Entity series on the fourth book, Tall, Dark and Immortal, having not read any of the previous books.  This story focuses on a vampire and vampire-slayer couple who are fated to be on opposing sides of the primary conflict.  Alex Sanchez is a tough vampire cop and Keira Turner is just your everyday journalist…or so she thought.  When a series of blood bank thefts catch Keira’s attention, her investigation leads her to Alex and his non-human status becomes a serious factor for both of them as they warm to one another.

The book has humor and action, with an interesting line for the heroine, but I almost felt that it was too short despite hovering around 300 pages in length.  I wanted to see more interaction and discovery between Keira and Alex, because things seemed to progress so quickly.  I would definitely love to find out more about the world the author has created for her paranormal and human characters, which is going to require starting at the first book in the series.  There were parts of the book that I think would have benefitted from a background provided by reading previous books in the series, but it stood alone just fine and I was able to track characters from previous books and some of their back stories with the detail provided.  As a first read for this author and series, it was a good read overall.


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