On the Hunt


On the Hunt

Anthology by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, Dianne Duvall, and Hannah Jayne

“Ugh,” I groaned, edging my way through a team of vampires trussed up in latex like sexy turkeys. – Stake Out by Hannah Jayne

*advance reader copy received through NetGalley*

Admittedly, I am not a huge anthology fan, but seeing these names on this collection was a very strong motivator.  I was not disappointed at all.  These stories were steamy and entertaining, and just the right length for short reads before bed or during a commute.  While I am an Alexandra Ivy fan, I will definitely be looking harder at some of the other authors which I have not followed closely in the past.

On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy

This story about Sentinel Mika Tanner and renegade healer Bailey Morrell was on par with other stories Ivy has produced within this series.  The worldbuilding is interesting, the characters are well developed, and someone just stepping into the series would have enough information to follow the storyline.  Childhood sweethearts who went from being affianced to being at odds come together against a common enemy while rekindling old feelings.  The couple might have a chance, if they can survive.  Find out more about this author on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

Scorpius Rising by Rebecca Zanetti

This story was more modern and a little bit scary in that it dealt with communicable illnesses that did horrible things to people.  I actually do not read that many modern romances, but this author worked the length of the story so well that she was even able to add a follow-up at the end.  Another story of old loves reunited, Nora Medina and Deacan McDougall are an ex-wife microbiologist and former military ex-husband forced to work together against the outbreak.  The two lead characters clash and come together with the same amount of heat.  As if the former military is not studly enough, Zanetti gives Deacan McDougall a Scottish accent.  Cue swooning.  There is an amazing amount of activity in the story, which keeps readers turning pages.  Find out more about this author on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

Phantom Embrace by Dianne Duvall

I was just reading a list of ghost romance titles a few weeks ago, and I am very happy to add this story to the list.  Following Duvall’s Immortal Guardians series, this sweet story about Guardian Yuri Sokolov and wandering spirit Cat Seddon is endearing and surprisingly deep for the length.  I think the author injected just enough to draw readers further into the series, anxious to meet the other characters and find out more about the interesting world she has created.  While I was a little surprised at the ending, I think she worked the story wonderfully.  Find out more about this author on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

Stake Out by Hannah Jayne

This story was hilarious.  I am not big on fashion, but I thoroughly enjoyed this author’s style of writing.  I like the characters, I like the worldbuilding, the detail was fabulous and I want to know more.  Nina LaShay is just a girl trying to get ahead in the cutthroat fashion industry…who happens to survive on a diet of blood.  Not only is Nina dealing with the impending fashion week, but now bodies are being dropped on her doorstep then coming back as more thirsty and homicidal versions of their former selves.  Jayne has an interesting mix of paranormals in her Underworld Detection Agency line, and I will be following up to find out more about previous tales.  Find out more about this author on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

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