Not Always A Saint by Mary Jo Putney


“She radiated mystery, sensuality – and danger.  She looked like original sin – and he craved that promise of reckless passion as intensely as Adam had craved Eve’s apple.” – Not Always A Saint

**I was lucky enough to receive an advance reader copy of this book through NetGalley.**

I have not read many works by Mary Jo Putney, but I really enjoyed Not Always A Saint, the seventh and final book in her Lost Lords series.  I found the heroine to be very authentic and a bit untraditional in the sense that she was not a blushing virgin but had a healthy amount of rough life experience in her past.  The hero in the book was also an interesting character who focused more on what he could give to society and those in need as opposed to what the world could do for him.  I admire that giving lifestyle in a character, and the story definitely had enough quirks and twists to keep a reader turning pages.

This book has a lot to offer: murder, intrigue, daring animal rescues…also people rescues, but that is kind of a given in most romance novels, right?  Daniel and Jessie make an interesting and unconventional couple, and the author treats the reader with descriptive activities among accompanied by historical locations, and of course detailed interactions between the main couple.  I will say that lovemaking was not a focal point of this tale, and some scenes were not combustive four-page-long epics.  The love scenes were expertly rendered by the author to enrich the overall reading experience which enabled readers to connect further with the story and characters.  Daniel’s role as a vicar and Jessie’s dark past provide an interesting challenge for the couple, and it is one of many that have to come to a head before they can find their happily ever after.

Favorite Quote

“That’s not for me,” he said.  “Faith is a strange thing.  I was born with it, like having blue eyes and fair hair.  I’ve not always been on good terms with God, but I’ve never stopped believing.  What I didn’t inherit was a need to make others believe exactly as I do.” – Not Always A Saint 


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