Starry Knight by Nina Mason


“I’d rather chase the mirage than die alone without hope in the desert.” – Starry Knight

*Advance reader copy received through NetGalley*

Nina Mason has created a fantastic world for her Knights of Avalon series.  Starry Knight is the first book in the series, focusing on the willful daughter of a British aristocrat and politician and what seems to be an astrologer and author…but in this case looks are very deceiving.  Scottish-born Callum Lyon has been around for quite a while, was altered and granted immortality after the Battle of Flodden Field (1513), and has definitely experienced almost all that life has had to offer – except love.  Vanessa Bentley is ready to take a step towards independence by becoming a paranormal investigator, which will also give her a chance to embrace her supernatural gift.  Before leaving the UK, Nina is sent on a mission to Callum’s neck of the woods to investigate rumor of a vampire living in…coincidentally…the same castle where Callum currently resides.

This book has an amazing amount of detail.  You can tell based on the descriptions of the areas and events that the author has carefully researched the background that she uses, from the clan rivalry to the scenery.  The idea of alternate realms and other species is also fascinating, and Mason manages to bring a new spin to an older setup.  The physical aspect of the romance in this book moved a little faster than I was expecting for a work just shy of 300 pages.  Both characters are very comfortable in their own sexuality, but I felt that maybe there was a little too much fuel on the fire (for me) at the very beginning.  There were also choices made by the heroine that I definitely questioned, especially after the two main characters ignite, then Vanessa kind of splits off to do her own thing after altering Callum’s life…  Despite my own reservations, I know that this story has exactly what a lot of PNR fans and readers are looking for, and I am excited to see where the author takes the series.


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