If He’s Noble by Hannah Howell


The Wherlockes Series

“She was the perfect example of a gentle-bred Englishwoman except for the pistol she held aimed at his heart.”   – If He’s Noble

*advance reader copy received through NetGalley*

As a romance author, Hannah Howell writes across several historical genres, and while I love all her work – the stories with paranormal tones are favorites.  Her vampire-based books and Highland series books have a large fan base.  If He’s Noble is the author’s latest book in her Wherlockes series, which focuses on a family of gifted individuals in historical England.  I missed the last book or two in this series, but most of her books are able to stand alone quite well, and I fell right into the story of this unlikely couple.

Primrose is an honorable lady who has been pushed to desperate actions.  She has to find her wayward brother before they lose their family home and possibly much more to greedy relatives.  When she runs into Sir Bened after the latest hazardous snag in her quest, she is reluctant to take the help offered…especially when it becomes apparent that his life will also be in danger.  Bened is equally unwilling to leave the young woman to fend for herself in such a dangerous situation.  As they spend time together and share in adventure, something begins to grow between them.  Will they survive long enough to explore this connection, or will fate cut their story short?

Howell adds more detail about the Wherlocke family and its many branches, to include the Vaughns (of which Bened is a member).  The author adds a new character to the mad Wherlocke mix, and hints at potential stories that could come next in the series.  The pace of this book is easily on par with any of the higher level authors that are publishing today – there is never a dull moment.  The romantic scenes are tastefully and steamily written, but do not replace the story as the focal point of the book.  I actually really liked the way she wrote these scenes, because I felt like both characters were really invested without drawing the lovemaking on for three pages, and I became invested in the happiness of the couple as well.

This book is an easy 5/5 rating – check out the author and series if you have yet to sample the delights.


You can check Hannah Howell out on Facebook or her webpage, but the page has not been updated since 2013.  Your best bet for current information might be Facebook, Goodreads, or one of the bookseller sites.

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