Wild Thunder by Cassie Edwards


*advance reader copy received through NetGalley*

I have never read a Cassie Edwards book before, but I loved the Native American romances I read as a teen and was very excited to read this story.  The Wild Thunder cover is beautiful, and Cassie Edwards is a published author with many books to her name.  This book, however, was not a favorite.  I found the writing and characters to be a little basic, and some of the actions and choices of characters to be less than believable for the setting.  There was not a lot of detail outside of character description.  The previous books that I have read in this genre were amazingly detailed about Native American language and culture, and the interaction between the lead characters was quite explosive.  While there is a good deal of romantic interaction between the lead characters in this book, I feel like it is more predictable and things seem to move quickly.  While someone else might rate the book highly, I am giving it a 3/5 rating based purely on the fact that there were few grammatical errors and that the story met all the basic requirements for a romance novel.


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