Summary Review – Paranormal Romance Reads

This weekend I am pushing another short but sweet summary review for  a few books that just happen to all fall into the paranormal romance genre.


Hades by Larissa Ione (1001 Dark Nights Novella)

“Bad porn?  Bad?  That’s a compliment.  Whatever it is you’re reading is horrifying.  Whoever wrote it should be roasted slowly over a bed of coals.”  Hades’s grin widened.  “I like the way you think.”Hades by Larissa Ione

This is another Larissa Ione Demonica novella in the 1001 Dark Nights collection.  If you have not checked out 1001 Dark Nights yet, it has been really growing in momentum and there are a ton of fabulous authors creating work for the collection.  This particular piece is about Hades, henchman of Azagoth and Jailor of the Underworld and Cataclysm the fallen angel…who coincidentally also works for Azagoth.  Despite being labeled off limits by Azagoth, Hades is having a problem keeping his eyes and thoughts to himself.  When Cataclysm makes a mistake the ripple effect impacts the entire underworld, with the potential for overflow into the mortal realm.  Hades steps in to try to save Cat without damning himself further, and all Cat wants to do is get back into Heaven…or does she?  Great read!  This was an easy 5/5 rating.  I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and the author worked the length of the story with great detail and skill – no negative impact to the story based on the shorter length.

Larissa Ione’s Webpage

1001 Dark Nights


Bridenapped by Georgette St. Clair – 191 pages

“Hello, devil in a fur suit.”Bridenapped by Georgette St. Clair

St. Clair is well known for writing stories with big, beautiful women (BBW) playing the role of female lead.  I enjoy her style of writing because she has a great sense of humor and keeps the steamy action moving.  Bridenapped is another alpha tale stemming from a very old tradition where the Alpha snatches up his intended lady and stakes his claim.  A female who rebuffs the Alpha would definitely endanger both her family and the livelihood of the town.  Caitlin has deep feelings for Kristofer, but none of them are the romantic kind.  After a deep betrayal that resulted in an ongoing legal, financial, and social battle she is definitely not going to step out with the object of her family’s ire.  Receiving an invitation to her own wedding to Kristofer just adds more fuel to the fire – who does this guy think he is?!  Caitlin is not the only person who is displeased with Kristofer, though, and it looks like things are about to get real in a dangerous way.  4/5 rating on this delightful read!

Georgette St. Clair Webpage


Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison – 304 pages

“And oh God, the look on his face.  To be loved like that…it was so much more than she could ever have hoped for.”Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison

Many PNR fans are familiar with Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series.  This fascinating world created by the veteran PNR author just keeps gaining in momentum.  We finally get to read the story of Julian, the Nightkind King and wonderfully fearsome Carling’s successor.  If you read the teaser that was packaged with the previous book in the series, Night’s Honor, then I am sure you were waiting for the story with baited breath.  Melisande, daughter of the Light Fae Queen and popular actress is definitely not thinking of Julian after their horrible breakup…until she is kidnapped by his demented enemy.  What are the chances that Julian is still harboring feelings for her that do not involve sharp objects or explosives?  I loved the story, and I love this author’s writing style.  5/5 rating on this fabulous story, and I am definitely excited about Shadow’s End, which comes in December…gooooo punch Malphas right in the kisser!

Thea Harrison Webpage


Dragon Her Feet by Celia Kyle & Mina Carter – 113 pages

“Apparently every request needs to be followed by “asshole.”  Not a problem.”Dragon Her Feet by Celia Kyle & Mina Carter

Celia Kyle is another author who writes BBW stories, and she has a ton of stories under her belt.  This is the first work I have read with Mina Carter on the title, but I think she definitely has promise based on the work.  This tale focuses on a sassy werehedgehog and a male dragon who is a member of the Council of Twelve.  The authors present situations that cover a range of emotions and the action keeps moving.  While I enjoy this author’s style and sense of humor, I would have loved more detail.  I felt like things were a little rushed, likely due to the length, but I still enjoyed the short read enough to rate it 3/5.

Celia Kyle Webpage

Mina Carter Webpage


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