Summary Review – PNR and Historical

This week I want to catch up on all the books I have read and failed to fully review.  I am going to do summary reviews for a few books, then type up one or two larger reviews to post separately.


This story is book four in a fabulous shifter series set up in the rural Florida.  If you have already fall in love with the series, then this book will be another delight, but if you have yet to sample this shifter goodness – you can start with The Alpha Claims a Mate.  St. Clair is well known for her big, beautiful, women focused stories, and has three series dealing with shifter romance.  This was an easy four out of five rating for the feisty female lead, the determined male character, and the amusing support characters in an entertaining and action-packed story.

Georgette St. Clair


This is definitely an interesting and entertaining story.  While it is hard to find a PNR book today with something new and refreshing, this author definitely brings a fresh feel to her work.  Check out the story of a young human girl who meets a very old vampire, but add stalking, murder, witchcraft, and coffee.  The Half Moon Hollow world that Harper has created is very interesting, and I enjoyed the previous books in the series as well.  At 368 pages this is a pretty good read, with a 4/5 rating based on the quality of the story alone, with interesting cameos from the star characters in previous books.  Harper’s Naked Werewolf series set in Alaska is also adorable!

Molly Harper


Okay.  I admit that I was more than a little excited about reading this story because it got good reviews from RT Book Reviews magazine, and I had seen a few other reviewers bumping the title.  While the story was interesting, there seemed to be something missing in the way of emotion.  After reading about compromised women, spying, and murder in so many other historical romance novels maybe I was expecting something more exciting.  Being painted without clothing, swimming in the moonlight, and taking a lover all sound exhilarating but the conflict between the male and female lead did not seem significant enough to validate the separation…I rate this story as a 3/5.

Victoria Alexander


I really enjoyed this historical romance because it broke away from the traditional focus of “high rank/well-to-do meets similar” just a bit.  The romantic interest were a high ranking but landless male who dealt in bloodshed and a lady who had fallen from the good graces of society.  I enjoyed the female character in this book the most, because she represents what I would hope for every woman to be – strong, proud, and willing to persevere.  Despite being a total jerk, the male lead leaps for love in the end, completely redeeming himself and nailing the HEA (happily every after).  Solid 4/5 on this book!

Julie Anne Long


Yes.  This story is way shorter than my usual reads at a mere 160 (or so) page count, but it is jam-packed with entertainment.  Peterman has built a paranormal world including many interesting creatures, but this story focuses more on a shifter society that includes a ruling council and its own law enforcement force.  Leaving behind her high school sweetheart and small town hero to pursue her own goals comes back to bite Essie when she is forced by a case not only to return home, but to work directly with her jilted beau.  Hank the Tank is definitely pissed when Essie comes strolling right back into his town, dragging her obviously gay vampire bestie in tow without so much as an apology.  She thinks she is just going to pop back into town, do her work thing, then jet back to Chicago?  This she-wolf has a lot of surprises coming her way, and Hank is going to use every possible moment that they spend together to make Essie realize what she has lost.

Favorite quote of the story: “Oh my god, I just feel so happy,” he gushed. “And I want you to know if you change your mind about the boyfriend thing just wink at me four times and I’ll stick my tongue down your throat.”

Robyn Peterman


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