Cat’s Lair by Christine Feehan


I want to start this review out by saying that this book was not for me, but I am sure that there are tons of people out there who loved the story.  This review reflects my own personal opinion and feel for this singular book.  Christine Feehan’s latest novel Cat’s Lair, number seven in her Leopard People series, weighs in at a whopping 488 pages.  This author is well-known for her dynamite paranormal romance stories, including her Dark series about Carpathian vampire-like beings (which I love), and her Leopard People series (I enjoyed a few stories from this series).

Cat Benoit is a female leopard on the verge of her Han Vol Dan at 21 years of age…she is also on the run from a murderous criminal kingpin who believes she is his property.  This latest escape is going quite well until the local martial arts academy takes on a new instructor a little older than Cat who is hot, bossy, and not willing to let sleeping leopards lie.  There is definitely more to Ridley Cromer than meets the eye, though, and Cat’s fragile life of security explodes with Ridley acting as catalyst.  With a determined homicidal criminal hunting her down and a demanding leopard after her heart, Cat is torn having trouble deciding who to run to and who to run from.

I enjoyed the steamy love scenes in the story, but the male lead in this book pushed the alpha role a little too hard.  Despite the trials that Cat overcomes in the beginning of the story and the strength that she builds on her own, Ridley steamrolls her completely on several occasions with seemingly little regard to her making decisions for herself.  Ridley does shower her with gifts, but when it comes to Cat making decisions for herself, he is from the “my way or the highway” camp.  Admittedly, many alpha males mirror this exact trait at the beginning of the story, but they manage to evolve or change by the end…I felt that Ridley was too unbending and Cat was too willing to submit.  Cat’s Lair was a good story, but not my favorite.


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