Mermadmen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

“You are not in love, you idiot.  You’re in…” What was the right word?  “Mer-lust.” – Liv Stratton, Mermadmen


 Mermadmen, the second book in paranormal romance author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Mermen trilolgy is just as delightfully twisted as Mermen.  At 169 pages, this story will definitely not leave you satisfied.  This story will leave you frustrated, homicidal, and frantic – but that is just how Mimi rolls.  None of her paranormal works follow a cookie cutter format, and her more recent trilogy work with King and Mermen are epic cliffhangers.  I do not typically enjoy a series of books based on the same characters, preferring instead a beginning and ending within the boundaries of the front and back covers, but this author is definitely an exception.  If you are at all unsure about the series, check out my review of Mermen and go ahead and grab the e-book for the low, low price of 99 cents (it’s a sweet deal, y’all).

“This episode of crazy fucked-up misogynist nightmares is brought to you by…the island.  The island, because the human world isn’t scary enough.”        – Liv Stratton, Mermadmen

Book two picks up where the “holy crapwhat the hey-hey?!” left off in book one, and the action just keeps rolling.  Shane is definitely moving from the role of annoyance to primary antagonist, with the mysterious Island of Corazon evolving into an entirely different type of threat.  The mermen are still sexy, still jerks, and still very murderous.  There is a serious power struggle happening for control of the mermen, and there are more competitors for that crown than just Roen and Shane.  The lovely Liv is back (against her will), and while there is definitely more on the line than love and life, a part of her is relieved to see Roen alive and be with him again.  Treachery abounds in this second book – readers be prepared for all the feels (especially the feeling where you want to set someone’s face on fire and have a sumo wrestler stamp it out wearing golf cleats).


For epic insanity, continuous action, and the gut-wrenching cliffhanger, this story gets a five-rex rating!


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There are also a ton of giveaways and fun activities going in celebration of the release…because Mimi likes to party, and so does her entourage.  You can usually find out what is up on the Merman World Tour Facebook page.

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5 thoughts on “Mermadmen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

  1. Susan says:

    Ooh, I am so telling Uncle Pete that you referred to him as a sumo wrestler!

    Also? I’ve never been mad at an island before.

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