Never More by Dana Marie Bell


“The pirate had been pillaged, and he found he couldn’t complain.” – Never More by Dana Marie Bell

**I received this advance reader copy through NetGalley**

 The sixth book in Bell’s Gray Court series is just as entertaining and action-packed as its predecessors.  The Gray Court series focuses on a hierarchical fae world structured with two competing courts and a neutral third court that struggles to maintain the fragile balance of power.  The characters that Bell introduces to readers are easy to become attached to from the start, and the cameos in following books only draw fans further into the series.  The pages are definitely on fire – steamy hot romance is a given where this author is involved, and it seems no subjects are taboo.

“I’m not the one sitting in a jail cell, mademoiselle. Vous es un petite rebelle, non?” – Raven Goodfellow, Never More by Dana Marie Bell

 In Never More, Bell introduces readers to Amanda Pierson, best friend of Ruby (book one) and employee of Leo (also found in book one).  Instead of taking the vacation she had envisioned and checking up on her best friend, Amanda gets roped into taking over the wedding planning for acquaintances of her friend.  A lot is riding on her pulling it off without a hitch, but when she meets the groom’s son, it gets real.  Her typical guy trends toward the Viking type, but this one is Goth down to his fingernails…dark, but in an irresistible way.

Raven Goodfellow knows that there is something about Amanda the moment he sets eyes on her, and the strength of their attraction marks her as is truebond.  The timing could not have been better, or worse, as the Black Court’s Dark Queen sends assassins for him – and any collateral damage is considered a bonus.  Like his father The Hob, Raven has his own fearsome powers, but they are definitely not enough to stand against the Dark Queen.  Raven and Amanda suddenly find themselves facing much more than the difficulties of a newly budding relationship; will they manage to stay alive, or be cut down by fate and dark forces prematurely?


For its fun style, sweltering sex scenes, and the wonderful fit of book six in this amazing series, it receives a four-rex rating!


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