The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London

The Cabot Sisters – Book Three

“There were only three possible explanations.

She was unforgivably plain.

She was horribly diseased.

Or, her older sisters’ scandalous antics four years past had ruined her.  

Utterly, completely, ruined her.”

 I enjoyed the third book in Julia London’s The Cabot Sisters series just as much as the first two books!  This author has a way of twisting what readers have come to expect from the historical romance genre (two individuals from high society, with the female often playing the part of naïve virgin) and presenting us with something different.  The series begins with four sisters who are forced to find alternative means of survival as disaster looms.  Their beloved stepfather passes away and their stepbrother’s fiancé is more than ready to kick them to the curb when the time comes.  As if this is not enough, their mother is beginning to suffer from more overt signs of mental deterioration, which could spell the end for their place in society and the possibility of marriage.  The road to Hell, as they say, is paved with good intentions.  You can check out my review of The Devil Takes a Bride (book two) here.

 In The Scoundrel and the Debutante, Prudence has completely run out of hope for a proposal, and her family refuses to see the role they have played in ruining her reputation.  After being summoned to assist a friend after the delivery of her baby, Prudence is ready to get out of the house and the lonely future that lay ahead.  When the opportunity presents itself, Prudence gives in to her urges and chases after something she desires.  Roan Matheson is an American hunting down his wayward sister in England, but somehow he manages to keep moving further and further from his goal.  Prudence offers him assistance, and they are drawn together on a fantastic and definitely reputation-ruining escapade.  Roan, however, is already spoken for – and he needs to fulfill his duties as the head of his family through marriage.  Prudence is waffling on the decision to go with Roan or to live with him as a fond memory when a blackmailer steps in to offer the proposal she had coveted…but where will this leave the lovebirds?


 For adventure, humor, hot steamy lovin’, and the smashing together of American and English romanical interests, this book receives a four-rex rating!



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