Mermen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Awww yiss!
Awww yiss!

There is only one way off this island – for a woman, that is.  As you’ll see soon enough.” – Mermen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I received an advance reader copy of Mermen through NetGalley, and I was just as pleased with the first book in this trilogy as I was with the first King trilogy book.  If you are a fan of Mimi, then you know she writes fantastic paranormal romance with an (at times) insane spin.  The main characters her works are typically deep and multilayered, and it is easy to find favorites.  The characters in the first book of the Mermen series are no exception; in fact they seem especially volatile, and the author has crafted a unique world that keeps the reader turning page after page.

Roen Doran is an epic jerk face.  In fact, if jerk faces had a worldwide club, he would probably be the club president and a member.  A corporate shark and workaholic businessman, Roen attempts to reassert himself after a loss, only to set off a daisy-chain of “please, God, make me a bird” with a side of “stop the world and let me get off.”  In the middle of the complete implosion of life as he knows it, Roen meets the only survivor of a shipwreck who is definitely being held against her will by the strange inhabitants of the island he inherited.  He is the last person anyone would call a hero, but he keeps stepping in to help Liv before he can stop himself, and he is starting to undergo changes as well.  Liv Stratton was supposed to be finishing her thesis and helping to plan her parent’s anniversary party, not trying to survive a shipwreck.  As if surviving the shipwreck was not enough of a trial, now she has to escape the clutches of territorial half-naked and definitely bloodthirsty muscle men who claim to be…did they say Mermen?

This 163 page story offers insanity, paranormal beings, Hottie McHottenstein characters, and intense, sexy buildup.  It gave me all the feels, including what I was certain was the beginning of a heart attack at the end.  I mean, what am I supposed to do with my life until the next book?


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